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Frank Gore $10 Raffle Ticket - ONLY 110 SPOTS

$ 10.00

Do you want the chance to own this original 18x24 inch oil painting autographed by the one and only future HOFer Frank Gore? Here's your chance! Raffle tickets will be $10 each and there will only be 110 available! 

You are allowed to purchase as many raffle tickets as you would like. If you are in another country and interested in purchasing, you may purchase tickets just know there will be an additional shipping charge to ship the painting to you.

How is this going to work?

We will take all entries out of the 110 tickets, put them into a Third Party Draw Service and they will then randomize the list and declare a winner. This is done to remove all bias and to make sure the contest is truly random! If you're interested in finding out how the contest was run we will post a link to make sure you can see you were entered into the giveaway! 

Once there is a winner selected, you will be contacted via email to give your shipping address and the painting will be sent to you! There will be no additional charges other than the $10 per each raffle ticket.


There will be a 2nd place and a 3rd place winner! The 2nd place winner gets a custom 18x24 inc black and white drawing of one player of their choice! The 3rd place winner gets an 11x14 inch black and white drawing of one player of their choice! Both drawings are a one subject piece!


1. Original 18x24 Inch Oil Painting of Frank Gore, Autographed by Frank Gore

2. Original 18x24 Inch Black and White Drawing of One Player of Your Choice

3. Original 11x14 Inch Black and White Drawing of One Player of Your Choice


PLEASE NOTE: Each ticket you are purchasing is a $10 raffle ticket that is non-refundable! You are entering into a raffle and you acknowledge that this in no way is buying you the original painting, just a chance to win the painting. Thank you for your support!